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We wear many hats.

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When Melody and Matt Brunson met in the early 90s, the idea of launching their own design studio wasn’t even a blip on their radar. Melody was pursuing photography, while Matt was (and still is) tapped into his God-given talent for illustration.

As the decades unfolded, they gathered complimentary experience in printing, package design, illustration, editorial and advertising art direction, UI/UX design, and digital marketing for companies like Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, Southwest Airlines, Universal Pictures, and Dreamworks.

Fast forward to 2014. The duo reunited, tied the knot, and began moonlighting together on small projects. Within a few years, those small projects became larger along with their client base. In 2018, Hotnoggin became an LLC and the couple replaced their day jobs with a studio.

Today, they tackle a wide variety of design work for thriving small businesses and Fortune 500 clients.



Hotnoggin strives to produce premium level branding, marketing, and web design for thriving small businesses. We believe effective design begins with dreaming in harmony. Let's put our heads together and find out where your brand is now ... and where you want to go. We'll offer solutions based on proven strategies in a language tailored to your audience.


Brand Identities/Marketing Collateral
Brand Strategy
Editorial Design
Logo Design
Marketing Campaigns
Package Design
Social Media/Content Creation